I’m a tech nerd that loves to be a bit of an entrepreneur, note the word bit. I like to see where technology can plug gaps, disrupt industries, revolutionise customer outcomes or create entire markets…I’m lucky as I would say my work is my passion and as I have got older, my hobby. This could be partially due to the fact that my knees and ankles have stopped me playing basketball and in no world can you justify an entire day of leaving your family to play cricket. Though motor-racing maybe something to look into…

I started my journey in IT some 20+ years ago, as a software development before moving on to senior roles in enterprise technical architecture for blue chip organisations across the banking, finance, insurance and telecommunications sectors. I was lucky enough to act as CTO on a number of projects and for smaller companies before moving into FinTech in 2011.

Since 2012, I’ve been focussed on FinTech, acting as CTO for a number of disruptive start-ups and providing CTO consultancy to a select number of financial institutions before becoming a founding member of Nick Ogden’s ClearBank. ClearBank is the first new clearing bank in the UK in 250 years and the first Cloud native clearing bank ever (well, in the UK, not sure globally)

In 2019 with ClearBank up and running and with an uber strong technology structure now in place, I looked to focus on building out another highly innovative business with Nick Ogden again, this time building the worlds first Liquidity network, RTGS,global.

I am also highly passionate about Digital Identity, specifically Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI). I am working with ID Crypt Global to bring SSI to regulated sectors such as finance and gaming.

All opinions are my own and in no way should be taken as those of any of the organisations I am a founder of or currently engaged with. I just hope you find them interesting, engaging and thought provoking…

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